The future of innovation


Os recomiendo este artículo de Fareed Zakaria (un periodista hindú – americano que acaba de publicar «The post – American World») editado en la revista TIME,8599,2075226-2,00.html, a pesar de que está pensado en clave USA nos permite reflexionar sobre innovación y ocupación, así como sobre el debate en torno al impulso que los gobiernos brindan a la innovación. Os selecciono un párrafo para animaros a su lectura:

“Will innovation solve this problem? That’s not an easy question to answer. Consider Apple, now the second most valuable company in the world by market capitalization, just after ExxonMobil. Its innovative skills have led to rich rewards for its stockholders and managers, but if you compare it with the Taiwan-based firm Foxconn, which actually makes many of Apple’s products, a crucial difference emerges. The companies have comparable revenues, but Apple employs about 50,000 people; Foxconn, 1,000,000. And there lies the key lesson. We need innovation urgently. But if we are to get the U.S. back to work, we need perhaps even more urgently to rebuild American education, reform our training system, revive high-end manufacturing, focus on new growth industries and rebuild our infrastructure. In fact, finding new ways to do these old tasks might be the greatest and most important innovation of all. “

(la imagen es de B. Mainardi)