Cultura Corporativa: el caso Rubicon Project


A menudo en las clases cuesta captar el concepto de cultura corporativa, porqué es algo a medio camino entre la percepción de la personalidad de las organizaciones y de los esfuerzos que estas hacen por desarrollar un carácter genuino que las distinga e identifique. El Caso que presenta Frank Addante de Rubicon Project, una plataforma de publicidad para Internet me parece especialmente sugerente por lo que os lo transcribo directamente:

A Note From Frank Addante, CEO of the Rubicon ProjectIn any company, the strongest asset is the people. We believe in building a strong company culture, and it is something that our team cultivates and improves constantly. We have a list of eleven cultural values that we embody in everything we do, particularly in hiring. Our team lives and breathes by these values, because we all know we are nothing without each other.

the Rubicon Project Cultural Values:

Innovation:We invest our thinking and resources into change that will propel the industry and this company forward.

Transparency:Knowledge is powerful. Transparency keeps us honest. We believe in the highest level of transparency possible with our team, investors and customers.

Active Communication:Communication makes or breaks relationships. We will devote time and effort to make communication a priority.

Humility:While we enjoy winning, we will not let our success get to our head.

Respect:Team development is top priority for us. We hold in each other in high regard and have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior.

Community:We consider ourselves to be fortunate and believe in paying it forward to those in need.

Competition:We are driven to win and are highly competitive; externally not internally.

Pride:Personal pride in our work is the number one criteria for our team members.

Speed:We go fast but don’t hurry.

Mistakes are OK:If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t moving fast enough. Making mistakes is key to innovating and learning.

Fun:We will celebrate our wins together, big and small.

Si quereis el video lo podeis descargar en BNET