Innovation Leaders


La consultora INNOVARO (vinculada al emergente grupo empresarial en innovación de UTEK) acaba de publicar su ranking 2007/08 de empresas innovadoras.
Los aspectos que INNOVARO analiza os los reproduzco:
In order to gain a deep, validated perspective on who are the true innovation leaders on a sector-by-sector basis, Innovaro’s annual Innovation Leadership analysis assesses the performance of over 1,000 of the world’s top companies against eight key parameters. From this, we identify and profile the Innovation Leaders in 25 major sectors and use this to inform opinion.
The key areas that we research and input into the assessments are:
1. Organisational culture and supporting structure
2. Strategic focus on innovation and its role in driving growth
3. Number of major new product launches
4. Growth in revenues, profits and market capitalisation
5. Average margin per product or customer
6. Investment in innovation-related activities
7. Brand value and human capital growth
8. Peer review from within the sector