Open innovation: create a new mindset


Absolutamente recomendable el artículo de Jeneanne Rae en Business Week «A Ripe Time for Open Innovation» dónde a través de ejemplos de empresas de referencia justifica porqué en estga coyuntura de desaceleración es tiempo maduro para la Open Innovation. Os transcribo el útimo párrafo y adjunto enlace.

Create a new mindset. In many cases, organizational culture can be an obstacle to open innovation. Internal groups often perceive open innovation as a code word for outsourcing, when it’s really an issue of redefining some internal roles and rethinking your innovation organization much more broadly. Success requires a top-level vision and a lot of internal communication as the initiative is rolled out. But, says Venture2’s Docherty, «it’s almost magical to watch the transformation as companies actually become more innovative when they learn to partner with creative companies and entrepreneurs on the outside.»
Open innovation is a leap of faith. The job of leadership is to make it a short leap. But given how many recent collaborative efforts have been successful, I put open innovation on the top of my list of core competencies for the foreseeable future, recessionary times or not.
Rae is the co-founder and president of Peer Insight, a research and advisory firm focused on service innovation and customer-experience design for S&P 500 firms. When not researching, consulting, or writing, she teaches executives in client companies and MBAs at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business how to structure and manage innovation.