Making Innovation Work


Darrerament han sortit molts llibres sobre innovació, i més que en sortiran. Making Innovation Work, llibre Davila /Epstein i Shelton (editat per Warthon School Publising) em sembla altament recomanable, jo en dec la seva lectura al bon amic Carles Ferreiro. Us en reprodueixo, directe de l’anglès, un petit tast que em sembla especialment suggerent:

Two ideas shape the foundations of this book:

a. innovation is necessary ingredient for sutained success – it protects your tangible and intangible assets againts the erosion of the market.
b. Innovation is an integral part of the business, and as such it has to be managed – it is not a «nice-to-have» element or something that occurs on its own.

Innovation is imperative to grow your top and bottom lines. innovation produces changes that are essential to survival of the company.

Innovation is not about secret formulas; it is about good management. The book identifies the seven innovation rules of good innovation management:

1. Strong leadership that defines the innovation strategy designs innovation portafolios, and encourages truly significant value creation.
2. Innovation is an integralpart of the company’s business mentality.
3. Innovation is matched to the company business strategy including selection of the innovation strategy( Play-to-Win or Play-to-Not-to-lose).
4. Balance creativity and value capture so that company generates successful new ideas ans gets the maximum return on its investment.
5. Neutralize organitzational antibodies that kill off good ideas because they are different from the norm.
6. Innovation networks inside ans outside the organization because networks, not individuals, are the basic building blocks of innovation.
7. Correct metrics and rewards to make innovation manageable and to produce the right behavior.